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What matters should we pay attetion to during using eye hook

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Eye hooks should be used in conjunction with the rigging in attention to environmental conditions while rigging is not twisted and knotted use. Hook in the lifting process, lifting items prohibited by the collision and impact.

Currently, eye hook is generally single hook forging, casting is not allowed on the crane hook, hook and eye widespread adoption of low-carbon and carbon alloy steel.

The connecting hook crane and heavy role, must pay attention to its maintenance work. To this end, from where the hook lifting height limit or hook locking device malfunction or damage, absolutely not allowed to re-use; As undocumented posts, should be held leadership responsibilities. To ensure safety, to go through on the hook for inspection, when found to have one of the following circumstances, should immediately be scrapped.


dangerous section of the wear produced by GBl0051.2 hook, not more than 5% of its original height; manufactured by industry standard hook, should be greater than 10% of the original size.

increase of 15 percent over the opening of the original.

torsional deformation of more than 10 degrees.

dangerous section or hook neck plastic deformation.

board hook bushing wear amounted to 50% of the original size, should be scrapped core sets.
board hook spindle wear volume of 5% when the original size, should be scrapped mandrel.

Another point to note, the defect can not hook welding.
The main way to test the hook: the general use of visual, that careful observation with a magnifying glass. When necessary, a coloring method can be used, or the flaw detection. The amount of wear can be dangerous section of the caliper or caliper measurement; the opening of the test for the caliper measured the size of the original size, or the opening of the standard hooks can be compared. Here are a simple, suitable means: when the newly opened new crane hook, on both sides of a shank out of an opening of each aperture, measured the distance between the two holes and documented. To the size of the future after deformation hook compare and contrast, to determine the degree of change in the size of the opening. Visually torsional deformation can also be used to measure the sides of steel rule, when the exact requirements can be used to detect crossed feet on the platform. The first 鈶, 鈶, 鈶 all items can be detected visually or with a caliper

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