Brief Introduction of Hook

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 According to shape, HOOK can be divided into a single hook and hook; according to the manufacturing metho, it can be divided into Forged hook and Laminated hook.
Single hook Made Simple, easy to use, but by the force of circumstances it is not good, mostly used in from the weight of 80 tons or less the workplace;
large lifting force is often used symmetrical double hook. Laminated steel cutting hook shaped by several pieces riveted together, when the individual does not destroy the entire hook plate cracks, security is good, but the weight of the larger, mostly used in large or lifted from the weight of steel ladle the crane. Hook by the impact of the job process often required to use toughness, good quality carbon steel.
Hook classification very wide, generally include: shackles, rings, rings, pear ring, long rings, the combination of rings, S hook, hook nose, American hook claw hook, eye slip hook-shaped, with the insurance card rings screws, chain shackle, with a unique, innovative, high quality, safe, suitable for factories, mines, petroleum, chemical and marine terminals. To ensure safety, quality and safety factor, static load up to 3 times. Capacity from 5 tons to 150 tons.

涓婁竴绡囷細Where is Lifting Hook used?

涓婁竴绡囷細Where is Lifting Hook used?

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