Where is Lifting Hook used?

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Where is Lifting Hook used?

A lifting hook is a device for grabbing and lifting loads by means of a device such as a hoist or crane. A lifting hook is usually equipped with a safety
latch to prevent the disengagement of the lifting wire rope sling, chain or rope to which the load is attached.

A hook may have one or more built-in pulleys to amplify the lifting force.

1.Hooks have single hook and double hooks according to shape of hook.

2.Five strength grades M,P,S,T,V,are classified in accordance with mechanical property.

3.Forging hook and strap type hook are manufactured according to the method of manufacturing.

4.For single hook:Manufactring is simple and it is easy to operate,it is mainly used in workplace below 80t lifting capacity.Force symmetry double
  hooks are adopted to larger capacity.

5.Forging hook material adopts high-quality low carbon killed steel or low carbon alloy steel,such as 20 high-quality low carbon steel,16Mn,20MnSi,
   36MnSi,which is annealed after being forged.

6.Strap type hook:riveted through several pieces of cutting forming steel;When individual plate has flaws,the whole hook is not damaged.Good safety,
    heavy dead weight,mainly equipped with big lifting capaci

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